• Coral at Watamu Beach

    When Africa Stole My Heart

    Africa has taken a piece of my heart for her own. I was almost 40 years old when I first visited this beautiful continent. A milestone birthday deserved a milestone holiday. One off…

  • Upcycling

    The Imposter

    Some of you will know I find comfort in upcycling. There is something deeply satisfying about taking a piece of furniture which is destined for landfill and giving it the kiss of life.…

  • My friend the Sat Nav Sally
    Random Musings

    My New Friend

    I have a new friend. She’s called Sally. We met on the Thursday and by Friday we were on a road trip together. It was going to be an interesting three days. Glenlivet…

  • Chalk Paint

    Different Brush Strokes

    I have just discovered Frenchic paint. Oh my God. How did I not know this paint even existed? I am not a patient crafter. Nor decorator for that matter. I am really not…

  • Unstoppable
    Random Musings

    Unstoppable Women

    This week I was at the Association of Scottish Businesswomen’s conference down at Perth Theatre. The Unstoppable Women conference. Now in a year which celebrates 100 year of votes for women, you might…

  • dad loves gardening vegetables
    Random Musings

    My Father’s Hands

    I get my fingers from my Dad. As in my actual fingers – or at least that’s what my Mum always says. “You have your Dad’s hands”. Now that’s not such an attractive…

  • Rota-Vincentina-Stork
    Random Musings,  Travel

    Magpie Pickings

    I was reading the in-flight magazine the other day and came across an interview with TV Masterchef’s John Torode. I was on my way home from a walking holiday with friends in Portugal.¬†…