Chalk Paint

Different Brush Strokes

I have just discovered Frenchic paint.

Oh my God. How did I not know this paint even existed? I am not a patient crafter. Nor decorator for that matter. I am really not very good at the preparation.  You know. All that stripping off and sanding down.  I call it the destructive part. I just want to get on and see the finished product.

Well now, it seems there is a whole new world of paint out there which means you can pretty much wake up in the morning, decide you are going to paint some furniture, and said object be back in use by teatime. It’s bonkers and I love it!

So today I set about my first project. I like hobbies which are productive. Okay I like reading a good book, and I like a walk now and again. But there is something really satisfying about taking yourself off for a few hours and mindfully immersing yourself in a project. A project which, on completion, will find you standing back and proudly saying “I did that”.

Meet my old faithful Victorian towel rail.

I say it’s Victorian – I haven’t a clue really. I bought it maybe fifteen or so years ago from a chap in Buxton who stripped and re-waxed old pine. Restoring painted furniture back to it’s original glory. I know, the irony is not lost. We filled our house with lovely warm waxed furniture. All gnarled and full of character. We still have some pieces left. And this is one of them.

Now the downside of a towel rail is, with time, the wax wears and the rails get discoloured with wet towels. Enter Frenchic! I had read a bit about these new paints which require little or no preparation and transform all kinds of furniture. Yeah baby, you are talking my language. So off I went to our local stockist Country Wood at Househill Courtyard, nr Nairn. Ten minutes later I am leaving with one wee pot of Pea Soup (the paint that is, not my lunch) and a bottle of finishing coat.

And today was the day.

I began by giving the whole piece a good sanding down. The advice was to lightly sand – but this rail had quite a bit of black mildew type staining so I was taking no chances. A quick wipe down to remove any dust and it was time. Time to dip my toe into this new word of painting. Or at least my paintbrush. I couldn’t resist a photo as the first few strokes went on. Yummy! I actually could eat this.

And an hour or so later the whole rail was coated and a timely break for lunch. Look, these things can’t be rushed.

Now I have read that a wax coating is good for finishing most painted furniture but our stockist did advise using the finishing coat – ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens. I confess I did feel my heart sink at the thoughts of now being back to applying layers and sanding in between. But that lasted all of around 20 seconds until she explained you simply sponge it on and then apply 2/3 coats to build up a protective layer. Hey, did these guys invent this stuff for me? I mean a sponge? I think I might be falling in love already.

Fast forward to teatime

..and it is mission accomplished. One Pea Souper of a towel rail. All delicious and with a patina I just want to stroke. All day. And because all the best “upcyclers” seem to photograph their achievements against a great British summer garden I took him outside for his final photo shoot.

So – what do you think?

As for me, I am totally hooked. I am already scouring the Frenchic website for inspiration. They have so many products. And as for those brushes…..

Now what could I paint next, I wonder (stroking her chin, thoughtfully).

She Wordsmiths..

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