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The Learning Curve – Now In Print

Back in December 2019, you may recall I was pretty damn chuffed to have another article published commercially. This time it was the turn of Wild Planet Photo Magazine.

Entitled ‘The Learning Curve’ the piece takes a rookie’s eye view (AKA my rookie’s eye) on learning how to take GREAT images.

Ten great angles on where to focus your attention. And guess what? It’s not always through the viewfinder! It pulls no punches. Instead, it exposes me and all my insecurities. But that is okay, right? Because I bet we can all relate a little to the imposter.

I may well have held a camera since the age of 11 or 12, but it would take a pro photographer led trip before I realised I had so much to learn. We came home and, after a couple of days processing, I decided to document the learning points. Only then did I begin to wonder if it might help someone else too.

I reached out to Wild Planet Photo Mag and within 24 hours I had a resounding yes.

Some of you may well have read it already – if you are a Wild Planet Photo Mag subscriber.

But six months on and I am now allowed to share the whole article with you in its full glory. 

I know you have waited very patiently for this moment. 

Happy reading, folks!

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Thanks to Ann and Steve Toon, the crack team behind these fabulous photo tours and the inspiration for me to be brave enough to try. We laughed, we cried – and we came home with some flipping good images!

And thanks to the editor and team at Wild Planet Photo Mag.