I thought long and hard about my business writing name. I kept coming back to She Wordsmiths. A play on word and Smith. Yes, I know, it’s simple isn’t it?

I have always had a passion for the written word. I read my first “proper” book before I was officially allowed a library card. My Mum had to prove I could read. She always gets her way. And that is where it all began. I always had my nose in a book. Every Christmas a new Dean and Son classic, or three, would appear on my presents pile. By 14 and I had already passed my English O’Level with “essay writing skills beyond her years”. Their words, not mine.

My journey

But I didn’t take a career in writing – I opted to be a draughtsman (sorry, woman) instead. Yet still I seized every opportunity to write. When the water industry wanted a blueprint example of a good “Needs Report” they chose mine. And so I would become the lead writer for a number years in various organisations when seeking funding for projects.

Then along came the internet, and websites. Ooh, lovely. Lots of creative words. So I got myself a book on HTML, learnt how to build a website and set up a wee sideline. One which gave me access to a variety of different businesses. Hotel, corporate events, engineering components (try making that sound sexy). They in turn handed me their websites to create – and fill. For a while it might well have been my career path, but somehow events took a hold of me and I went a different route. But still, I wrote. Because I needed a good website, right? And now there are these things called blogs. Mmm, more creative words. My kind of heaven.

My passion for the written word didn’t stop there. I can’t help myself. Travel – I blog. Walk – I blog. Volunteering – I blog. Social media posts – I can’t stop at a one sentence. So when the time came to finally retire my event business recently I started to wonder “what next?”. Not for long. Those words just kept coming back to me.

Sahara trek for charity

Write, Marie, write.

And so She Wordsmiths was born. I write for pleasure and for business. Social media, marketing, creative website content, blogs, articles. For me, for you and for anyone who simply hasn’t time or the desire to wordsmith.

So why not join me as I write about travel, work, life in general and the occasional random musing.

Marie T Smith

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