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A Heartwarming Round-Up Among the Madness

There has been a certain irony to this week. Exiting the EU, viruses but mostly heartwarming stories are on this weeks round up.

Exit stage right – or is it left

The long-awaited Brexit wasn’t so much a celebration as a big sigh of relief. It reminded me of my complete hatred of everything I hate about New Year’s Eve, without the big ben bongs and fireworks. A big anti-climax accompanied by a lot of people making out they were having a great time. We retired to bed having watched Nigel and Ann belt out God Save the Queen (cringe) and woke the next day to ….. nothing. Just another Saturday.

..and a bit more of the ginger ninja playing her tune on repeat too. For God’s sake, ‘Nicky’ will you no give it a rest, woman. Once in a generation. Either that 30 years flew by or the Scottish population all became cats, I don’t think I am ready to launch into any more big decision votes just yet. Not saying ‘never’, just let me catch my breath, yeh? Someone once told me never to make a decision in haste. I didn’t want to leave the EU. That doesn’t mean I am ready to leave the UK on the rebound. Just let’s all breathe a little.

I could crush a grape

Talking of which, Crackerjack is back. I loved that programme as a kid. I haven’t watched the new series – yet. Is it really sad that I want to get it on catch up – at 54? Presented by CBBC favourites, Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes it promises to retain the madcap cocktail which made it popular for decades. The biggest change sees it move fro 4:55 pm to 6:00 pm because kids are ‘too busy with after school clubs to tune in early.’ You don’t fool me. It’s us? The people who grew up with Stu Francis, crushing grapes and dropping cabbages, and want to watch something fun and heartwarming. With our glass of wine.

Nothing to be sniffed at

Meanwhile, back to more serious things, and the Wuhan coronavirus is gathering a little pace. I cannot deny, it is making me a little twitchy. Not in my day to day life. I think the chances of me coming into contact with a carrier, in my little rural world, is slim. But, we have plans this year. Plans which involve travelling through busy airports and boarding confined planes. Planes where I almost always come home with some kind of sniffles.

I won’t lie – if I even watch the news right now I am drawn to the series ‘Survivors’ which was shown on TV in the 70s. So much so I wrote a whole piece about that this week. Read more..

There is a school of thought that stories which might reap fear are being suppressed on the internet. That might well explain why it only earned a measly 8 cents, despite coronavirus being a hot topic this week [winks]

When a man comes knocking – be kind

Two gentlemen knocked on the door this week. I must have a face that says ‘come on then, give me your best and don’t waste my time‘ as he nervously wrung his hands, and opened with ‘I won’t keep you.’ He then went on to say he was looking for people who are tired of this world and the mess humans are making of it. I refer you to the opening paragraph. Indeed I would have referred him to it, except I hadn’t written it then. Half expected him to end with ‘discuss.’ – in true school essay fashion.

I was kind, patient. I simply said while I had thoughts, they were thoughts which reside within my head, in my happy little world, here among the rabbits, the deer and the squirrels. He gently nodded, smiled, and bid me farewell. Heartwarming. I can’t decide if he thought I was a little strange – or beyond help. He didn’t even reach into his trusty little satchel and offer me his leaflet. Respect to him (them). Anyone willing to walk these lanes in the hopes of converting those behind their doors to his beliefs gets my respect. It was flipping freezing! And he would have had to walk a long way between doors.

Through the lens

Moving on then and I have to say I am a little excited. This week I traded in my practice camera for a new one. Just a wee upgrade. Is it me or is there something about choosing your own instead of being handed the spare? This one is mine. It stayed in the box until I was ready to set it up. I like it – a lot. All I need now is a little aesthetic snow and a couple of cavorting red squirrels to test it out on.

The new photography website is also coming along nicely. Yes, folks, you heard it here first. Our new baby will be coming to a screen near you, soon. Not yet! Be patient. Keep a watch on our Facebook page for the big Ta Da!

With all this photo stuff going on my Medium musings might well take a back seat this month. That will be an interesting experiment. To see just how much interest my 60 stories strong back catalogue gets if I am not nursing it along, sticking it back under people’s noses. For those who have been following me over on Medium, it’s where I randomly write about all manner of topics. Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes off the cuff. This week I have been a little bit naughty (tongue in cheek) with a couple of articles aimed at Ev Williams their CEO. Read more..

And there we are, the first month of 2020 already over. I hope your February sees your first green shoots and buds sprouting and heralds just a little bit of hope for spring.